TSC Partners With Unequal to Promote Safety on the Pitch

TSC Partners With Unequal to Promote Safety on the Pitch

Posted on: Tuesday, August 28, 2018

NASHVILLE, TN - Tennessee Soccer Club is announcing a partnership with Unequal, leading manufacturer of sports protective gearfor soccer and other sports. With concussions at the forefront of today’s soccer safety conversation, TSC has made an important decision to be proactive in educating our players on the headgear options available to them. 

"Our research to choose the best headgear on the market that combines serious protection with fit, form, fashion and comfort has led us to the Unequal Halo 3," said TSC Executive Director Stuart Brown. "We felt it was extremely important to educate our membership on the seriousness of head injury risk within our sport. We want all players to be aware of the risk, but also and especially to know that there are options for protection. Unequal is the best product for all players and there is independent research that points directly to that," Brown continued.

Earlier this year in a study, Virginia Tech’s biomedical lab tests specifically showed that the Halo 3 reduced concussion risk by 56% as per their testing methods and algorithms. It was the lightest headgear, at less than 2 oz., to make the VT coveted recommended list, earning 4 stars. It looks just like a headband and has a nice stretchy comfortable fit. The technology layered inside helpsabsorb and disperse impact forces and reduces acceleration from headers, falls, collisions and accidents, not to mention protecting against bruises and cuts.

“We’re honored to be partnering with the Tennessee Soccer Club as their Official Head Protection to improve safety on the pitch,” stated Jim Caldwell, executive vice-president of Unequal. “With Virginia Tech and their independent laboratory research--released in May 2018--combining with advanced word on a 3000-participant, independent on-field study from University of Wisconsin -- coming later this year-- and both studies showing that headgear reduces concussion risk, it’s obvious that TSC is on the right side of the growing movement to protect the head in soccer. The fact that Halo 3 protection bolsters higher player confidence is a wonderful, value-added benefit TSC players will discover after just one scrimmage or game,” Caldwell said. 

As part of this protection partnership, Unequal will be featured on our TSC website with links to Unequal Halo 3 information. All TSC members will receive a 20 percent discount when they use the promo code TSC20 at checkout. We are sending an email out to all parents with specific details.  

This video (1:20 min) gives you an idea of how this headband looks and performs.

You’ll find more information about Unequal soccer headgear, at www.unequal.com. You can also follow them on twitter @unequaltech.

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TSC is the premier youth soccer club located in Brentwood / Franklin and serving the Greater Nashville, TN area with over 1,500 players. The club competes locally, regionally, and nationally in leagues such as the Tennessee Youth Soccer League, US Club Soccer National Premier League, USYSA’s National League and Southern Region Premier League, and the Elite Clubs National League. TSC has won multiple national championships in recent years through competition in these leagues. TSC's Mission is "to promote a love for soccer by developing excellence in the game for our players and coaches to positively impact our member families and communities."

About Unequal

Invented by company founder and CEO Rob Vito, Unequal uses their military-grade protection that has been modified for sports. With over 100 patents in the U.S. and abroad, Unequal is fortified with protective technology like no other. From elite athletes in the Stanley Cup to the World Cup to the World Series to the Super Bowl to collegiate, high school and youth league players, Unequal protects.

Unequal’s military-grade composites are built with TriDur, Accelleron, Airilon and optional ImpacShield. This ultralight, ultrathin athletic gear works differently than virtually every other traditional foam and plastic of equal weight and thickness on the market. It absorbs, disperses and dissipates impact energy away from the body while reducing acceleration, to provide the ultimate in protection. Unequal does not compromise mobility and bolsters confidence, allowing athletes to play at a higher level.

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