TSC Partner Spotlight: Delek Fund for Hope

Posted on Tuesday, October 13, 2020
By: Ethan Karr, TSC Communications Intern

Partner Spotlight: Delek Fund for Hope


NASHVILLE, TN - Tennessee Soccer Club has had an incredible partnership with Delek US, one of the largest energy companies in the country, since 2019.

With this partnership came Delek’s “Fund for Hope '' program, which has been able to benefit both TSC and Delek’s communities through volunteer work, fundraisers, and more.

The Fund for Hope is an initiative to help support nonprofit organizations in and around the area that Delek operates in. Through volunteering efforts, donations, golf tournaments, and other special events, Delek and its employees have made a massive positive impact in their communities over the years.

Taylor Johnson, TSC Director of Operations and Development, said this about the partnership over the past year: “The work that Delek does through their Fund for Hope is directly in line with one of our club’s core values of building the community. We want to do good things across Middle Tennessee, it is as simple as that. It is powerful to know that we have a partner who will stand alongside us with every initiative that we pursue as a community, and we can’t thank them enough for that.”

Tony McClarty, an executive at Delek and a member of TSC’s Executive Leadership Board, is proud of what the company has been able to accomplish in just 12 short years.

“We’ve raised over $17.5 million over the course of the “Fund for Hope’s” existence,” he said. “It’s pretty incredible if you stop and think about it.”

Raising money for philanthropy is obviously important. However, it’s not just all about the money, especially for McClarty and his employees. It’s about breaking down the stereotypes and genuinely helping those in need.

“You don’t ever see an oil or energy employee holding a kitten in his hand, but the fact of the matter is the energy industry is full of so many kind, genuine people,” says McClarty. “I personally think we’re way too quick to judge people and act as if we know their philanthropic heart. We just don’t, and that’s one reason I love the Fund for Hope.”

Philanthropy isn’t always full of positive, heart-warming experiences, however. Some days are definitely easier than others. 

“Philanthropy is a heavy weight. You think you know everyone’s needs, and you just don’t,” McClarty said. “We once had to deal with people who were involved in human trafficking, for example. It was one of the saddest moments in my career.” 

The Fund for Hope has been a source of hope for those in Delek’s community, even during COVID-19.

Trying to volunteer with COVID has been insane, says McClarty. “It’s much harder for the employees to do volunteer work, and we always have setbacks. Charities have been hit very hard by COVID. It makes sense, too. You can’t can’t predict something like this.” 

However, with help from Delek’s volunteers, the Fund for Hope has maintained its philanthropic impact during the pandemic, with thousands of employees helping out whenever they can. 

“It’s always heartwarming to watch this stuff. You can always walk away from your job and think to yourself ‘Today was a good day,’” McClarty said. “That’s pretty great.” 

For more about Delek and their work, click here:

Wanting to learn more and/or donate? Check out more about Delek’s Fund for Hope here:

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