Tryout FAQ

My child will not be available for one or more of the tryout sessions. What do we do?
While tryouts are mandatory and we expect all players interested in playing for TSC to attend each tryout session, we do understand that sometimes conflicts arise that cannot be rescheduled.  If there is an unavoidable conflict, and your child will not be at one or more of the tryout sessions, you must still complete online registration for tryouts.  During the registration process, you will be able to mark the days and reason for absence.  It is also helpful to contact the appropriate age group director to let him/her know about your child’s absence as well.  

Will there be any supplemental tryouts?
We do not have any supplemental tryouts scheduled.  However, if your child is unable to attend tryouts and it is deemed necessary by the directors of coaching, your child may be asked to attend a training session for evaluation purposes.  This is not guaranteed as it depends on need and team and coach availability.

I am not sure where my child fits in TSC's team structure.  How do we know what TSC program to try out for?  
If you are a current TSC player and are uncertain about where your child fits into our team structure, you should speak with your child’s current coach. 
If you are NOT currently registered with TSC, due to TSSA Policy 26, TSC staff and coaches are not allowed to engage in any communication that “encourages or entices a player to register with” TSC.  As such if you call our office or any TSC staff or coach, we will be limited in the information we can give you.  With that in mind we encourage you to read through our website as we have provided a lot of detailed information about our club, the services and programs provided, and the new team structure. You are also welcome to observe any TSC games in your child’s age group to compare the level of play with what your child is currently exposed to.  
•    For Tennessee State League schedules, check the
TSSA website. 
•    For the Girls ECNL 2019-20 schedule, click
here. For the Boys ECNL 2019-20 schedule, click here.

My child is new to competitive soccer.  How do I find out more information about the time commitment, costs, travel, etc.?  
For more detailed information about TSC’s programs and team structure, please read through the appropriate sections of our website.  There is a lot of information that should answer a lot of commonly asked questions.  If after reading through our website, you have additional questions, you can call our office at 615-905-4865 or you can email our Office Administrator, Brandy Gagliano at  If you have a question about a specific age group or a specific TSC location, reach out to the appropriate age group director in that location.  Their contact information can be found

How are players selected for teams?
The players' performance over the course of the previous year combined with their efforts during tryouts are used to help select the most appropriate team/level for each player. Your player’s previous coach, tryout evaluators and full time DOC’s all have input into decisions on where your child is best suited.

How will my child be notified about their team placement? 
Players selected for a team will be notified by email first and if they accept the offer they will receive a follow up phone call from their coach.  For this reason, it is vital that you enter the correct contact information when completing online tryout registration.  Once the player accepts their spot on a team, a second email will be sent to the parent / guardian with instructions on how to move forward to complete the acceptance process.

Once we have been contacted regarding our team placement, how long do we have to accept the offer?  
Shortly after the completion of an age group’s tryouts, selected players will be invited to join a team. Because there are multiple teams within each age group across three different locations, players are asked to make a decision quickly. The quick turnaround is in no way meant to put undue pressure on a child or family but rather to avoid lengthy delays in completing team rosters.

How long will it take to hear from a coach about my child’s team placement?
As soon as an age-group’s tryouts are completed, TSC staff and coaches will finalize team selection and immediately begin emailing families regarding team placement.  Given the many factors that go into finalizing rosters and team placement (i.e., the large number of teams across three different locations, coaches’ schedules, delays in player responses, etc.) it is difficult to provide an exact deadline as to when you will hear from a TSC coach or staff member.  However, if you have not heard from anyone after seven days, please feel free to contact the appropriate age group director to make sure they have the correct contact information for your family.  

Can I watch my child during tryouts?
Parents are welcome to stay and watch their child tryout, however there are designated viewing areas for spectators.  All parents must stay outside of the playing field area.  Please DO NOT sit or stand between fields, along the sidelines or behind the goals.  It is important that parents adhere to this policy for two reasons.  First, with the large number of participants we are expecting at tryouts, players and staff will be moving from field to field and we want to reduce the congestion around the fields.  Second, tryouts can be an anxious and stressful time for all involved so the less people we have crowded around the fields, the better.

Can I contact a coach or director during tryouts? 
If you have any questions about the tryout or selection process, please feel free to email the age group director.  With that said, please do not contact coaches or staff during tryouts regarding the specific placement of your son or daughter.

Why do I have to create an account in Demosphere to register for tryouts? 
Demosphere is the registration platform used by TSC and therefore all players participating in tryouts MUST register through Demosphere BEFORE tryouts begin. This is the system we use to collect player information and assign tryout ID numbers.  We also use Demosphere to communicate necessary information before, during and after the tryout process; so entering a valid email address during online registration is very important!  

How are tryouts dates determined?
According to TSSA Policy 26, “All tryouts for TSSA competitive teams may not be conducted prior to the approved and published dates.”  As such, TSC is prohibited from scheduling certain age groups for tryouts until after Tennessee State Soccer Association (TSSA) finishes its state cup tournaments, which is typically mid-to-late May. TSC also faces the prospect of summer vacations starting in early-to-mid June for many families as schools let out for the summer. This leaves a very small window to hold tryouts for all TSC divisions that are convenient for the greatest number of people, but we do our best to accommodate all factors and schedule tryouts in a customer-friendly fashion.

How can I help prepare my child for their tryout experience?
For many children, this may be the first experience they will have with being selected, or conversely, with not being selected. It’s important that you, as a parent, manage their expectations.  It is also important that you do not put too much pressure on them and focus on having fun.  

How can someone register for tryouts if they do not have access to the internet or a computer?
Parents may make an appointment with a staff member to meet at the TSC office to register their player.

Why was I asked the country of birth in the online registration?
The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) requires that we ask the question. This pertains to the location of birth and not citizenship. U13 – U19 players born outside of the US may be asked to complete a form required by USSF. This form basically states that players born outside of the US were not paid players in another country. While this does not usually apply to any of our players, it is a requirement which TSC follows.


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