Tennessee SC Unveil's Player Development Academy

Tennessee SC Unveil's Player Development Academy

{For Immediate Release, June 2, 2016} -  Tennessee Soccer Club is excited to announce the launch of it’s Player Development Academy. The PDA program is geared toward creating a cost free additional player development opportunity outside the traditional options that exist within the TSC structure and other clubs in TN. The foundation of the program was developed during the clubs recent trip to Feyenoord Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Through our club’s relationships with Feyenoord Rotterdam and US Soccer, TSC will continue to position itself as one of the leading innovative youth development club’s in the southeast region for all levels and abilities. The purpose of PDA is to model the developmental paths of Feyenood Rotterdam, MLS clubs and that of US Soccer by creating additional training and match opportunities for players at the club in 2-year age group increments. TSC recognizes the importance of creating additional opportunities by placing players in an environment that will allow players of like ability to train together and be coached by the very best in the middle TN area. PDA opportunities will be in addition to the traditional schedule provided by individual teams and the program will kick off this August for the Boys at u12, u14, u16, u18 and Girls u12 and u14. The u16 and u18 Girls will be added in the spring.  Each PDA team will invite players that have been selected and identified based on their prior month’s evaluation and asked to participate in 3-4 pre-determined training sessions throughout the coming month with the specific coaches assigned to that team. Each team will have two coaches per training session and will follow a strict curriculum of development for these players. Players who are selected for the training pool that month are expected to attend each session and perform at a certain level on and off the field and in the classroom. In addition to the PDA training, the club will be setting up several high level competitions throughout the course of the season at tournaments such as Surf Cup, Jeff Cup, Dallas Cup and match days with various US Developmental Academies and/or ECNL clubs.

“The end goal for the PDA program is for the club leadership and coaching staff to reward those players deserving to play in different environments that challenges them beyond the norm; its our hopes that this is a spring board to not only draw top talent but also develop a closer relationship with the US Soccer Developmental Academy and ultimately guide our players to compete at the highest level.” – Executive Director, Stuart Brown

“This PDA initiative will be a major step in our club being accepted into the US Development Academy and ECNL. Our players deserve this opportunity. This is an exciting time for our club as we continue to grow and excel." – Older Boys Director, Sandy Pollock


Player Development Program “PDA” - The mission and intention of this newly formed academy program is to provide a cost-free program that is truly designed for the total development of the highest level players within our geographic area and beyond.

Eligible participants –  Currently, only TSC registered players. Age groups will be broken in the following format

U12 = 2005,2006                     U14=2004,2003                       U16=2002,2001                       U18= 2000,1999,1998

Player pool -  will be decided by Coaches, Doc’s and notified by invitation only via our PDA Director, Scott Wells. Player invites will be based on monthly evaluation and are subject to change month by month based on performance. The criteria of our evaluation will be shared in our detailed PDA overview.

Training – Will be 3-4 times a month with two coaches present per session allowing a larger emphasis on position specific and functional training. Training locations will be determined at a later date however our schedule for the fall will be posted in the middle of June.

Staff- The staff will be announced at a later date. Our coaching pool will consist of qualified coaches in the club and the surrounding middle TN area. 

Matches – Teams will be decided again by staff and could change game by game based on the evaluation of staff and DOC’s. Planning of matches and tournaments are currently being organized and will be communicated in August. The goal of the program is to allow our players to participate in the best learning environment possible which in many cases is the most competitive.

Team Travel – TSC plans for the teams to travel together.

Cost – Training and coaching fees will be covered by sponsors.

** A detailed program overview will be sent out in August, additionally our Director of Coaches will be speaking about the Player Development Academy at TSC tryouts.


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