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TSC Fitness

Train with D1 and the TrainHeroic App

In partnership with TrainHeroic app, for a limited time only, our partners at D1 are offering an online D1 Soccer Specific Fitness program FREE for 30 days to TSC players! Players will be able to complete full versions of these soccer-specific workouts from the comfort of your own home!
Through the TrainHeroic app, players will be able to log all of their training, track their progress, and stay connected with their fellow athletes through the messaging center. There, players can ask questions, provide feedback, and even upload videos.

If you have any questions about the workouts or the app itself, please contact Coach Santi with D1 at santiago.allaria@d1training.com.

1. Download the TrainHeroic app on any iOS or Android device
2. Create your profile
3. Enter the access code of the D1 program corresponding to your age group! (Codes below) 

Choose your program and enter the code:
1. TSC-07/08 
Access Code: TSC0708
2. TSC-06 
Access Code: TSC06
3. TSC-05
Access Code: TSC05
4. TSC-04
Access Code: TSC04
5. TSC-03
Access Code: TSC03
6. TSC-01/02
Access Code: TSC0102


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