TSC Mental Skills Program

Introduction to The TSC-MSTP

The TSC-Mental Skills Training Program is a service provided for TSC players, parents, coaches and staff to help support the club’s mission of “Developing Excellence.”  The goals of the TSC-MSTP revolve around facilitating optimal involvement, performance and enjoyment in everyone’s experience at TSC.


Purpose of The TSC-MSTP

The purpose of the MSTP at TSC is threefold:

  • To enhance sport performance, foster academic and personal development and promote overall physical and mental well-being for the players.
  • To further improve coach performance while focusing on building effective communication skills with players, parents and colleagues.
  • To help parents continue to improve upon their abilities to encourage their children in positive and beneficial ways. 

Sport Psych & The TSC-MSTP      

Sport Psychology is defined as the scientific study of the psychological factors associated with participation and performance in sport.  The TSC-MSTP involves extending findings from those scientific studies into the field to educate players, coaches and parents about the psychological aspects of soccer.  Players will receive specific training related to (1) Concentration, (2) Energy Management and (3) Performance.


Why Offer a MSTP?

Psychological factors account primarily for day-to-day fluctuations in performance and the most successful athletes differ from less successful athletes because they have better concentration, confidence, task oriented thoughts, lower anxiety, more determination/commitment.



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