Dream Chasers Program

Dream Chasers Program


Dream Chasers is a nonprofit organization that enlists volunteers to work at concession booths during events held at Bridgestone Arena, Nissan Stadium and Ascend Amphitheater. TSC has partnered with Dream Chasers because of their sheer volunteer numbers - they have over 900 volunteers which allows them to command favorable terms and highly-profitable booths. 

A volunteer is paid either the greater of a percentage of concessions sold at their booth OR a minimum of $80 at Nissan Stadium, $73 at Bridgestone Arena and $50 at Ascend Amphitheater. The average amount earned by working at one event is $100. This fundraising money can be used to pay any TSC-mandated expense such as Club Dues, Team Fees, uniform kits and hotel room expenses for your player. 

The payment for your work comes to the TSC office (with approximately one month time-lag) and is transferred to the team account that you designate. If you choose to sign up, please use the TSC Office address: 509 New Highway 96 W, Suite 102, Franklin, TN, 37064. 

Signing up is easy - visit this link for the Dream Chasers Volunteer Application. 

For more in-depth information, click this link to view the welcome letter for details about event notification, training, free parking, etc. The welcome letter should answer all of your questions. 

*Fundraising earnings are not taxed and therefore are not refundable to the worker. However they can roll over into next season and can be used toward nearly all TSC-related expenses! 

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