TSC Email to Membership - Tuesday, March 17

Tuesday, March 17, 2020 4:01pm

A Message to All TSC Players From Our Age Group Directors

To our TSC players, 

We are excited to begin sharing information, exercises, videos and more with you to keep you engaged over the next few weeks. There is no blueprint for what we are all experiencing, but we will get through it together! 

Until we are all able to return to the fields and train with our teams, we must rely on putting in work however we can; in the yard, in the driveway, learning online, etc. We want to provide you with those resources so that you can continue your growth as a player. Excellence is achieved through hard work regardless of environment, let’s not forget that! 

As we move forward in the coming weeks, we encourage you to use our club values as your guide. 

• Play with Joy: while the current climate is difficult in our community, use soccer as a positive outlet to have fun! Share your videos and pictures with us online as you train in the coming weeks. Participate in our social media challenges (more on that soon!). Train hard playing the game you all love so much until we are able to get back into our regular schedule. 

• Learn Every Day: use this time away from your regular schedule to learn more about the game. Learn more about yourself as a player. Work on areas of your game that you often don’t get to focus on as much. We will help by providing tools for you to use!

• Respect Everyone: we have a responsibility to do our part in restricting the spread of COVID-19. Wash your hands. Stay informed with local, regional and national recommendations from the medical experts. Make responsible choices during these trying times.

• Commit to the Process: training as an individual is different than training in a team environment, but you can get just as much if not more out of the experience! Commit to your “soccer homework” and improve your technique. Improve your fitness. Improve your understanding of the game through watching videos we share. Commit to continuing developing excellence! 

• Build the Community: we touched on our responsibility as members of the Middle TN community, but also work to continue building the community of our club and your team! Find creative and innovative ways to stay connected with your team through virtual and tech platforms. We hope that everyone commits to their continued development so that when we are back together you and your teammates pick up right where you left off! 

What to Expect from TSC in Moving Forward

We will provide you with information and exercises to continue your development throughout our period of suspended team activity. As we mentioned in previous communication, these exercises will focus primarily on the areas of technique, fitness, video analyzation and tactical learning.

• All videos will be uploaded and stored permanently to our TSC YouTube channel, which can be found here. Reference those as much as you’d like! 

• All videos, exercises and other information will be communicated to you via PlayMetrics throughout our time of suspended team activity.

• We will share videos and information on our social channels as well. In case you don’t already follow us, be sure to here!

  • Twitter: @TNSoccerClub, @TSCECNL and @TSCGKProgram
  • Facebook: @TNSoccerClub
  • Instagram: @TNSoccerClub

• Every few days we will attempt to have new exercises for you to practice at home.

What TSC Asks of Our Players

• We ask that you use our TSC values as your guide! 

• We ask that you train just as hard as you would at a team training session! 

• We ask that you encourage each other along the way!

• Finally, we ask that you share your training with us on our social media platforms so that we can show our followers that TSC players don’t stop #DevelopingExcellence! 

Start Here

To start off with, we want to provide an article that all of our players can reference that sets the stage for the next several weeks. Training by yourself requires extra commitment. Extra drive. Check out this article to help get in the proper mindset for a few weeks’ worth of individual work! Read the article here.

Additionally, this page on YouTube has a video with 15 exercises you can work on at home! We will cover some of these again in the coming weeks, but no harm in going ahead and getting started!

These are not ideal circumstances; however, we promise to continue coaching and teaching you from afar. You should receive additional information from your age group directors and/or coaches about all of this and more, so be on the lookout for that communication as well. Thanks for your dedication to development during these trying times! 

Yours in Soccer, 
TSC Age Group Directors


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