TSC Decides to Forego Summer Tryouts for Rising U8-U12 Players

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 7:43pm

TSC Decides to Forego Summer Tryouts for Rising U8-U12 Players

Hi TSC Academy families, 
As you know, the impact of COVID-19 on TSC has created a unique and extremely fluid environment over the last 10 weeks. We’ve so appreciated your patience and flexibility as we’ve navigated through this period of uncertainty in attempts to continue to plan and engage with you. 
We announced last week that TSC tryouts would take place no sooner than June 15, per TSSA guidelines. In planning further for our tryouts, TSC leadership has decided it is in the best interest of everyone to forego tryouts for our rising U8-U12 players. Instead, Academy-aged players that participated with TSC in 2019-20 and are interested in playing with TSC in 2020-21 will receive an invitation to commit to TSC after they have registered for tryouts in our system (more on why this is a necessary step below!).
*Rising U12 players will have the option to attend tryouts the week of June 15 if interested in being placed on a U12 11v11 Showcase team. More on this below!
**Academy-aged players that registered for 2020-21 Tryouts that DID NOT play with TSC in 2019-20 will receive more communication from the club on the morning of June 15, 2020. This is the earliest we can communicate next steps to you in accordance with TSSA Guidelines regarding your registration for next season.
While we do typically hold boys and girls Academy tryouts over a two-day period, the actual player evaluations take place at the start of each fall season in August. That is the point where we begin to place players with players of similar ability within their specific age groups. We typically hold tryouts in May to allow players and families the opportunity to be around the coaches and each other, and also to provide an opportunity for players new to TSC to learn more about the club. While it is valuable on some levels, it is unlike tryouts for our U13+ age groups where players are selected in part based on their two-to-three days of tryouts.
Also, we are facing potential logistics issues due to field availability and social distancing restrictions and guidelines. Hopefully you read our TSC Return to Play Action Plan that was released last week (if not please do so here!). In doing so, you’ll notice TSC would be in Stage 2 of our return to play, which still includes various social distancing precautions in place. If we are limited in the facilities we are able to utilize, adhering to those precautions becomes much more difficult. 
Finally, we want to ensure all of you are able to have an appropriate amount of time to order your new uniforms (remember, TSC starts a new two-year uniform cycle with the 2020-21 season). This will give all Academy players adequate time to purchase their new uniforms. More info on this below.
As mentioned above, we still need ALL Academy-aged players who wish to play with TSC to register for tryouts. If you have not already registered, that link remains open and can be accessed
here. Although we are foregoing this portion of our player placement process for Academy players, Demosphere requires all players be registered participants in any given season BEFORE they can be invited to a team. Currently, you are all registered in our 2019-20 season; however, your completion of the 2020-21 Tryout Registration will place you in the appropriate season and allow you to receive an invitation for next season.
*If you are a rising U12 player who wishes to play on a 11v11 Showcase team in 2020-21, you WILL NOT accept the invitation that comes to you next week. More info coming to our rising U12 players from our DOCs about this*
On Thursday, May 28, all players who have registered through the link above will receive an invitation for 2020-21 from TSC. Keep in mind this invitation will be sent to whatever email address you used in registering. 
Also, please stay tuned for more information regarding how to purchase your new uniform! Both Nike and WeGotSoccer have been impacted by COVID-19, so we are still awaiting final information to all be represented on the WGS website. With the understanding that many have been impacted financially in recent months, we are pleased to let you know that WGS will accept payment plan payments for your uniform if that best suits your family. We appreciate their commitment to best serving our families! You will receive additional communication on this from your Lead Coach and/or Director, but all returning players will keep their number from 2019-20.
We know this is a change of pace from what has historically taken place; however, we hope you trust that we’ve come to this decision concretely believing it is best for all involved. We also came to this conclusion in accordance with all TSSA guidelines and appreciate their support of all TN clubs as we plan for the upcoming season.
Please be sure to register at the link above ASAP so we can continue to plan and get you your invitation by next week! We appreciate your patience, flexibility and support of TSC and cannot wait for the 2020-21 season to get here! 

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