Feyenoord FC Comes To TSC For a Week of Education

Feyenoord FC Comes To TSC For a Week of Education



This week Tennessee Soccer Club is hosting coaches from Feyenoord FC, Rotterdam The Netherlands.  In accordance with the TSC / Feyenoord educational agreement Feyenoord are sending coaches to provide a week of coaching education for the TSC staff as well has running training sessions for some TSC teams.


Feyenoord FC is one of the top developmental clubs in the Europe.  They have won the award for the top developmental system in the Netherlands 5 of the last 7 years.  Feyenoord FC also sits in first place of the Dutch Professional 1st Division (Eredivisie).


Week’s events:

  • Nightly training sessions by Feyenoord coaches.
    • Sessions run for some TSC teams from Academy ages up to u17 both boys and girls.
    • Example session topics
      • Wing play - role, responsibilities, runs, movement, creating space, etc. 4-3-3
      • Penetration from middle 1/3 to final 1/3. 4-3-3
      • Counter pressing and methods of transitioning out of pressure once the ball is won.  4-4-2 diamond.
      • Combination play in the final 1/3
      • Playing out of the back 1/3. 4-3-3
      • Getting fullbacks into the attack. 4-3-3
      • Penetration into the attacking 1/3 - relationship with #8, 10 and 9.  4-3-3
      • Middle 1/3 defending. 4-3-3. Responsibilities of #’s 6, 8, 10, 7 & 11.
      • Transition to defending against counter attack, roles of back 4 & #6.  4-3-3
  • Classroom sessions for TSC Coaching Staff
    • u8 - u12 Youth Module
    • u13 - u19 Youth Module

Blog from Fall 2016 trip to Feyenoord

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