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By Laura Eldridge

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Nutrition Article #11 - Vitamins

Nutrition Article #11 - Vitamins 

The fact on Dietary Fat

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The Facts on Dietary fat

The Facts on Dietary Fat


In the 1980’s, the low-fat approach to dieting became an overarching ideology, promoted by physicians, the federal government, the food industry, and popular health...

The Vegetarian Athlete – A successful Combination


In the world of athletics, high protein diets have become increasingly popular.  This trend is directly related to the role protein plays in building muscle mass.   While protein does help promote...

Protein: The Body’s Building Block

Protein:  The Body’s Building Block


Why protein?

1.  It is a component in every cell of the body (hair, skin, nails)

2. Used to rebuild damaged tissue post workouts and throughout the day


Holiday Nutrition

With the Holiday spirit surrounding us, I wanted to use this time to focus on a situation many of you have already faced or will encounter in the near future, the Holiday Party scene!  The arrival of...

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